Vision Statement   Our Non-Profit Purposes   The Membership Of The Corporation
Our vision is to see Freedom grow again by promoting Biblical education on “Religion and Morality” as a foundation to the family, so our country will see the 10 Commandments as a Freedom document, not an enslaving one and understand the full meaning our Declaration of Independence for what it is to true Freedom. In short we have a True Christian Worldview.
OUR NON-PROFIT PURPOSES as stated in our Articles of Incorporation:
To promote, educate, train, encourage, support and assist all people to understand the institution of the family and its proper role, the importance of the church to past, present and future public good, the need and value of supporting good government, the wonder and design of the creation and the value of that knowledge and the value of a Godly education.
Teach and support a Biblical Worldview, a Christian Worldview in Science, History, and Origins.
shall consist of those individuals who actively support the goals of the Corporation by becoming an active dues paying member of the Corporation; by providing support and/or labor in construction of facilities and/or exhibits of the Corporation; by providing professional skills as needed to the Corporation and by performing other such acts as are beneficial to the good of the Corporation as a whole.
To teach and promote the public good of historical truth from our ancestors and from our Creator God of the design and wonder of a Godly education on family, church, government.
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